Odoo benefits

Modular System

The Enterprise Resource Planning system is based on the modular principle. For example, you can start using CRM and sales apps, and integrate accounting, human resource management or other business processes whenever necessary.

Universal Management Systems

The dynamic model of the system allows the user to customise the system to his/her own business processes.

User interface friendly to you

Odoo modules are integrated with each other. This helps to centralise information and eliminate the possibility of human errors. For example, you can create financial statements or an invoice, pay employee wages with a single click.

Open-Source Software

Advantages of the open-source software-based system: users of the system can improve the system by themselves; bug fixing is not necessarily the manufacturer’s responsibility; system modules can be developed by anyone.

Large Community of Programmers

Odoo community consists of more than 900 partners around the world. Therefore, it can be said for sure that it is an international product whose support can be taken over by another partner.

We offer


Prior to starting cooperation, we perform the in-depth analysis of your business processes. Only then we can provide an optimal solution that meets your needs the best.


The dedicated team submits a proposal based on the in-depth analysis of your business processes. Afterwards, the development stage starts. We follow the SCRUM project management methodology, thus, ensuring an effective risk management procedure and project team agility to react to changing internal and external factors.


We provide managerial and technical assistance to accelerate ERP, CRM, and CMS system adoption. The dedicated team provides database creation, data migration and other services.


Pralo provides hyper and/or stable support to backup clients at every step of the way. A capable helpdesk seeks to ensure that arising difficulties (first time setting up fiscal years, managing multiple companies or other issues) will be quickly resolved.


Pralo training program is aimed at accelerating employee adaptation to the ERP system. Our priority is to immediately create value for the client by training employees to navigate through the system. Therefore, we seek to ensure that companies will continue their operations efficiently as soon as possible.

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